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US Real Estate Market

The institutional investment platform for commercial real estate

USREM (US Real Estate Market) connects institutional and professional investors with quality real estate opportunities in a flexible and cost-efficient structure.

For institutions

USREM is the real estate platform that simplifies direct investing, offering high-quality properties in a flexible and cost-efficient structure.

Premium assets

You’ll get access to stablilized, institutional-quality assets that facilitate the creation of custom real estate portfolios. And you’ll get them at a fraction of the cost of traditional direct investments.

Income generating

USREM provides access to cash-generating properties, providing investors with inflation-hedged income and an alternative to a volatile bond market.


You deserve the option to rebalance or seize market opportunities, so we’ve built our Real Estate Securities to be generally resellable after a 90-day, post-offering holding period.

How it works

Build, manage and grow your institutional-grade real estate portfolio.


Choose your asset

USREM enables you to easily select the individual assets that best fit your objectives.

Buy a share

Invest with USREM and get real estate exposure, with the added benefit and convenience of a security.

Enjoy the benefits of owning real estate

When you invest in our Real Asset Securities, you receive regular dividends from income-producing properties, while also benefiting from the potential for price appreciation.

Exit or rebalance on your schedule

USREM’s Real Asset Securities are generally available for resale after 90 days. Which means you can sell all or part of your position, rebalance, and seize market opportunities without lock-ups.


USREM has been built by real estate experts with unparalleled insight, integrity and experience.

David S Rose

Chairman and CEO

David S. Rose

David S. Rose is an Inc 500 CEO and PropTech pioneer, and named “New York’s Archangel Investor” by Forbes. He received BOMA’s Outstanding Builder Award and Chairs REBNY’s Real Property Database group.

Lizanne Galbreath


Lizanne Galbreath

Lizanne was CEO of The Galbreath Co. and former board member of JLL, Paramount Group, Grosevenor NA, Starwood and chaired Wharton's Real Estate Advisory Board. Board member at Urban Land Institute.