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About us

Transparent institutional real estate, tailored for you

USREM was founded by a team of real estate and securities experts with one shared goal: to make direct institutional investment in commercial real estate as simple, flexible and transparent as possible.


Our core mission is what drives us every day, and what separates us from other investment platforms.


The US Real Estate Market (USREM) transforms large, stabilized assets into professionally managed single asset REITs, providing investors like you with direct equity exposure to cash-flowing properties across sectors and geographies. Your shares of these REITs will be fully tradable, allowing you to adjust or exit your positions to meet liquidity needs or respond to market opportunities.

This platform is designed so you can build custom real estate portfolios according to your particular needs — combining many of the benefits of direct investing with the standardization and convenience of a fund — and all within a competitively-priced administrative structure.

USREM is building the infrastructure to realize greater efficiencies in real estate transactions, increase opportunities for mid-tier institutions to access commercial real estate, and promote market liquidity.

By offering an institutional platform for liquid trading and settlement of real estate transactions, USREM seeks to unlock a new asset class for passive investment, bringing new and efficient ways for you to access the economic benefits of real estate.


The code of conduct we live by every day to deliver our promise to do the best for you.



This is one of the core pillars on which our business is built. We believe that transparency inspires confidence, which leads to a vibrant, thriving marketplace that benefits you.


Like you we’re in this for the long haul, so we act accordingly. When you deal with USREM you deal with a friendly, expert team who are passionate about delivering the best service possible.


Diversity is more than just a word to us. It’s an integral part of the way we work, from challenging outdated perspectives to hiring the experts that make our team what it is.


We’ll never put our integrity or relationship with you at stake to get ahead. Our founders have been in the business for generations and USREM endures because of their total commitment to transparency and fair dealings.


A wealth of collective knowledge and experience

David S Rose

Chairman and CEO

David S. Rose

David S. Rose is an Inc 500 CEO and PropTech pioneer, and named “New York’s Archangel Investor” by Forbes. He received BOMA’s Outstanding Builder Award and Chairs REBNY’s Real Property Database group.

Lizanne Galbreath


Lizanne Galbreath

Lizanne was CEO of The Galbreath Co. and former board member of JLL, Paramount Group, Grosevenor NA, Starwood and chaired Wharton's Real Estate Advisory Board. Board member at Urban Land Institute.

Shachi Shah


Shachi Shah

Shachi is a seasoned and experienced securities industry leader, having served at Deutsche Bank, Bridgewater and Barclays, where she founded a $28b multi-asset hedge fund.

William Nance


William Nance

William’s background is in corporate finance, business development and venture capital. He led venture investments at NYSE:FDC (now Nasdaq:FISV) and earlier was part of the Patch.com founding team.

Raymond Kahn

Head of Markets

Raymond Kahn

Raymond Kahn was president of ICE's global Creditex market, before which he led Barclays' OTC Client Clearing business. Raymond also served as the bank's Global Head of Prime Services Risk.

Christian Vanderbrouk

Head of Marketing and Communications

Christian Vanderbrouk

Christian's background spans the public and private sectors. He served at the White House and State Department, and was later Managing Director of Global Affairs and Government Relations at the NYSE.