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How it works

Build, manage and grow your institutional-grade real estate portfolio

USREM gives you ultimate control, allowing you to: decide exactly what you want to invest in, benefit from flexible and cost-efficient opportunities, and have the freedom to exit or rebalance should you need to.

Investment cycle

How does a typical investment work?

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Choose your asset

USREM allows you to select the individual, institutional-quality assets that best fit your objectives.

  • Invest in assets, not in managers.

  • Buy only what you want, none of what you don’t.

  • Enjoy flexible, cost-efficient and profitable real estate opportunities.


Buy a share

When you invest in real estate on the USREM platform, you’re getting direct access to properties with the convenience of a security.

  • Our tradable, private securities make buying and selling direct real estate more efficient for institutional investors.

  • USREM’s enhanced syndication model eases the formation of investor groups, facilitating the acquisition of capital intensive properties usually available only to the largest institutions or via expensive, commingled funds.

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Enjoy the benefits of owning real estate

Investors in our Real Asset Securities will receive regular dividends from income-producing properties, while also benefiting from the potential for price appreciation.

  • Income-focused investors can use USREM securities to diversify away from crowded fixed-income trades, potentially increasing returns while reducing concentration risk.

  • Take focused positions on real estate sectors, geographies and strategies.


Exit or rebalance on your schedule

Say goodbye to long lockups. USREM’s Real Asset Securities are generally available for resale after 90 days.

  • Unlike typical private deals, with USREM you can exit on your timetable, not the sponsor’s.

  • With USREM, you can sell all or part of a position, rebalance, and seize market opportunities.


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